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Hello there! I am Tyler, from New Orleans, Louisiana. Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I come from a city where food is king, party is queen, and music is everything else. I love New Orleans but I feel it is a duty to travel. So I had to leave, at least, temporarily. Spain provides me a smooth transition regarding the rich cultures and cuisine in addition to, of course, the relaxed party atmosphere. 

Most importantly I believe learning and teaching are essential to being whole, healthy, and happy.  My first English teaching experience was volunteering in Ecuador. It was then that I fell in love with traveling, languages, and cultures. I would like to continue traveling, teaching and learning to see the world and learn multiple languages. I also like exploring creative ways to make others interested in new things. I hope to share with you some time! 

  • Nacionalidad: Estados Unidos
  • Edad: 26
  • Sexo: Hombre