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Hi there! My name is Viraj, firstly let me tell you about my personal experience with LTL Language Club, I am associated with the club since 2011 and now collaborating with the team in various ways. The philosophy of the club has always been very innovative in a way to teach and give a unique experience with languages to all our members. The startup was with a pioneer idea of making it look as easy as just a conversation. Further to which, today the club has been growing in different directions with more innovative ideas just to make you experience the language so differently, just as icing on the cake in your day to day life!

To tell you more about myself, I am originally from India, I have been traveling and living abroad for a while now and this has always help me experience and grow in life internationally, which can be reflected when you have a conversation with me. I have studied architecture and unconditionally it will always be my first love. But on the other hand side, I also discovered myself as a teacher few years ago, and I think I have been doing pretty good, so I hope one day we can have a conversation! Cheers!