Datos Personales

Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
Edad: 24
Género: Hombre


I was born in a small city on the Texas-Mexico border and grew up with two cultures and languages simultaneously. I’m a new resident of Madrid capital. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in General Communications Studies from Texas A&M University, you’ll find me speaking to anyone or anything most of the time! I can really talk to wall if need be! Currently, I’m an English Language auxiliary in a secondary school in a suburb south of Madrid. I’m currently attaining a Master’s degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from University of Alcalá de Henares. During the week, I’m tutoring children and adults and help them with their spoken English. In my free time, I enjoy practicing the piano and if weather permits, you’ll find me at the park playing Badminton. I also help with test/interview prep and translation. My motto is there’s always something to savor in life, and I’m trying to live by that.