Datos Personales

Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
Edad: 27
Género: Mujer


Megan has been teaching English for two years.  Four years ago, Megan taught English in Sevilla and gave private classes.  She returned this year to teach English again in Madrid.  She also teaches private classes and is a part of Club LTL.  She loves Club LTL because it is a great way to meet new people and have interesting conversations, while helping others to learn.

Megan is from Hanover, Pennsylvania.  She is married and lives with her husband in Madrid.  She has two parents and one brother, who all live in Pennsylvania.  Megan went to school to be a Spanish teacher, but fell in love with Spain and wanted to return again, so now she’s teaching English.

Megan’s interests include Spanish language and culture, eating great food, dancing, travelling, and meeting new people.