Datos Personales

Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
Edad: 26
Género: Hombre


My name is Jesse and I was born in Connecticut and raised in New York state.  In the spring of 2009, I graduated from New York University with a degree and journalism and Spanish.  Although it was a difficult decision at the time, I decided to move to Madrid following my graduation.

My three years in Madrid have been a unique mix of teaching and learning.  Although teaching English is my full time job and I am not currently enrolled in any Spanish classes, I feel as though my daily life is a learning experience.  Whether it is going to the grocery store or travelling to a new part of the country, I am constantly being exposed to new vocabulary, accents, and slang.  Part of the reason that I enjoy teaching so much is that I understand how it feels to improve in one´s language learning and I want my students to enjoy this feeling as well.

I met Belén, the founder of Club LTL, in the fall of 2009 and have been working with her ever since.  One of the many things I love about Club LTL is that we strive to create an authentic atmosphere for our students.  Our goal is to go beyond the typical classroom experience by meeting in a bar, which exposes our students to the real life situation of meeting friends and having drinks.  Although we take language learning out of the classroom, that doesn´t mean sacrificing tangible learning.  Our professors are professional native speakers that work with the students on pronunciation and vocabulary so that each student can see real improvement from session to session.

One final piece of advice I have for any student trying to improve his or her English is to never pass up an opportunity to be exposed to the language.  Whether it is reading the newspaper of watching a movie online, this type of exposure leads to noticeable results.