Datos Personales

Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
Edad: 26
Género: Mujer


Emily was born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts, although she moved to Chicago for college and has also lived in Washington, DC. Here in Madrid, she teaches at a public high school, where she works with students of all age levels and English abilities.

She loves to travel, and her trips and adventures are usually guided by her desire to discover culture through food.  Despite beginning her Spanish studies in the United States at age 12, Emily is a true believer in the importance of immersion and authenticity when learning a language. After studying for four months in Seville, Emily’s Spanish improved as much as it had in her previous eight years of Spanish classes combined.  For that reason, she loves teaching conversation classes with Club LTL because she enjoys giving students the opportunity to speak English in an enjoyable and real-life setting!