Ed Morrow

Datos Personales

Nacionalidad: Inglesa
Edad: 30
Género: Hombre


My name is Ed Morrow and I have been in Spain since 1996 and speak Spanish and English at a bilingual level. I have spent the past years after finishing my degree in the University of Manchester teaching English to people of all ages and levels in and around Madrid. I love teaching as it is in my nature to help people, and teaching English is a very satisfying way of doing so and I love sharing my language with others. Club LTL provides a very good environment for people to learn English in a more relaxed and practical way. The semi-formal setting, with a few drinks and tapas, is a wonderful way for people to express their ideas and to not hold back and feel intimidated. Overall, the Club LTL experience provides a very practical and productive way of learning English where both teachers and students feel comfortable and where ideas from different points of view are shared and discussed. Don’t be afraid and come on down to the sessions and get chatting.