Discussion points. Oct 17-21

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A Cordial Atmosphere
Over 150 countries signed a legally-binding agreement to reduce HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) in Rwanda last week. The compounds that are found in fridges may help cool our food, but are thought to be a major cause of Global Warming. Do you think this is more hot air from our politicians, or a genuine breakthrough? Are you even concerned about climate change?
Hot Air: Fanfarroneria

Dangerous Occupation?
Israeli Human Rights Group B’Tselem has called for the end of Israel’s ‘brutal’ military occupation of Palestine. The campaigners believe that the annexation of Palestine almost half a century ago is not only an affront to Arabs, but places the very existence of Israel in jeopardy. They also highlight that since the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, far from reducing the number of Jewish ‘settlers’ the figure has more than trebled from 116,000 to 390,000. Is it time for the occupation to end, or are Israelis prudent to hold as strong a position as possible in a volatile region? Is any debate relevant as long as USA supports Israel so staunchly?
Affront: Afrenta

Hounds of Hate
A four-month old baby was mauled to death by a Staffordshire bull terrier in Britain. Should all aggressive breeds of dog be banned? Is it possible for canines such as rottweilers to ever be safely reared, or is their only purpose to kill and maim?
Breed: Raza
Maim: Mutilar
Maul: Atacar a, herir a

Oliver’s Twist on Spanish Cuisine
British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has caused consternation in Spanish cookery circles by suggesting that chorizo should be added to paella. Do you think tampering with traditional Iberian recipes is sacrilegious, or is there no harm in challenging our taste-buds?

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