Discussion Topics. October 10-15

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Deaths at a Funeral
Saudi Arabia’s controversial intervention in the civil war of neighbouring Yemen, took another fatal turn this week. Over a 140 civilians were left dead, and more than 500 wounded following an air raid on a funeral service. Though the Saudis can number USA amongst its’ staunch allies, Washington has also stated that its’ backing is not a blank cheque. Given the duplicitous actions of successive US presidents in regards to the Middle East, can Obama be trusted this time, especially considering his support of the Saudi crushing of Bahraini democracy? Or is this simply the realpolitik of the United States defending overseas’ interests?
Staunch: Devote o acérrimo
Blank Cheque: Cheque en blanco

Train Crazy?
The EU is proposing to provide free InterRail train tickets to all EU youngsters on their eighteenth birthday. Undoubtedly this would promote cultural integration, and provide a wonderful opportunity for millions of teenage Europeans, but should there be any question of free travel on our railways with countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece still experiencing economic woes?
There can be no question: Meaning that something is completely unfeasible, or undesirable e.g. there can be no question of Spain returning to Fascist rule.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize despite the narrow rejection of his proposed peace treaty with the leftist guerrillas FARC. Do you think his efforts to end the long-running conflict deserve recognition, notwithstanding the referendum defeat?
Notwithstanding: A pesar de que

Billionaire business tycoon Andrey Melnichenko has recently purchased a 143 metre luxury yacht. Do you consider the purchase of any item that costs £347 million to be both obscene and ostentatious? Or would you willingly display such classlessness were you a billionaire?
Yacht: (pronounced ‘yot’) Yate

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