Discussion points. Sept 5-8

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Sainted Mother
Last week saw the announcement that Mother Teresa of Calcutta is set to be canonised. Teresa, perhaps the most famous nun ever to have lived, died in 1997, and the process of turning her into a saint began almost immediately. Do you consider the idea of saints in the 21st century a load of mumbo-jumbo? Or is it no more or less ridiculous than honouring the holy of centuries ago?
Mumbo-jumbo: Palabrerío
Nun: Monja

Great Britain had a tremendously successful Olympic Games this summer. The British team finished second in the medals table, above even China. Hundreds of millions have been pumped into national sport, and it is estimated that each Olympic medal cost £5.5 million pounds. Clearly the sporting achievements created a ‘feel-good factor’ but is that enough justification to spend so much money when schools and hospitals are underfunded? Is it fair that some countries splash out far more on developing sport than others? Mind you the English are still terrible at football!
Level Playing Field: Both in a sporting and non-sporting sense a ‘level playing field’ denotes a fair contest i.e. the trial was not conducted on a level playing field, as the millionaire’s lawyer was so much better than the prosecution’s representative, and the judge was biased.
Unsporting: Antideportivo/a
Splash Out: Gastar a espuertas

No Russian around the Track
Also on the Olympian theme, almost all Russian athletes were barred from competing in Rio de Janiero even though they’d never been caught cheating. Russia was accused of a state-sponsored doping programme, and there certainly seems to have been evidence of foul play. However Vladimir Putin believes it is part of the West’s anti-Russian agenda. Is it fair that Justin Gatlin who has twice tested positive for prohibited substances be allowed to enter the Games, whilst Yelena Isinbáyeva who has passed dozens of drugs tests, is banned because some of her compatriots have been cheating? Is it one rule for USA and another for Russia?
Wanton: Gratuito

Spiralling Bloodshed
Turkey flexed her military muscles last week, and crossed the border into Syria, a move that is unlikely to solve an already complicated situation. With USA, Russia, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey all embroiled in a Civil War that itself involves several factions such as the Syrian Government, opposition groups including ISIS, and Kurdish independence fighters can anything halt the utter destruction of this ancient country?

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