Discussion points. July 11-15

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Phony Tony
The long awaited Chilcott Inquiry, into Britain’s rôle in the Second Gulf War, was finally released this week. Many cynics expected a cover-up, but the report was scathing in its’ criticisms of the former prime minister Tony Blair. The evidence strongly suggests that Blair lied about the presence of weapons of mass destruction. How much of the blame for the million lives lost in Iraq can be apportioned to Bush and Blair? It appears that despite the dire warnings they seemed unconcerned about the inevitable chaos in post-war Iraq. Was it really all about oil? Are Bush, Blair, and the other belligerent leaders such as Aznar, indirectly responsible for all the killings? Or are the Iraqis themselves accountable for what was/is after all a civil war? Would the situation have been any worse if Saddam had died a natural death?
Phony or phoney: Falso
Cover-up: Tapadera, encubrimiento
Scathing: Fustigando

A Load of Bullocks?
For the first time in the 21st century a matador was gored to death by a bull. Victor Barrio a 29 year-old bullfighter was killed by a 529 kilo bull called Maños, in Teruel at the weekend. Many people seem to take pleasure in his death, and describe the event as karma. After all ‘if you live by the sword, you die by the sword´. Others point out the hypocrisy of any critics who eat factory farmed meat, and drink mass-produced milk. Intensive farming inflicts pain and misery on millions of animals, whereas fighting bulls enjoy a luxurious life, albeit ending in a traumatic death. Are vegetarians the only people who can legitimately criticise bullfighting? Or should we be suspicious of any grown man who makes a living from the sadistic taunting of animals? Do you think the ‘sport’ must be banned? Or is its’ demise already inevitable.
Gore: Cornear o acornear.
Veggie: A slightly pejorative nickname for vegetarians.

Tax Dodger Dodges Prison
Superstar Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was found guilty of tax evasion last week. However it seems unlikely that the Argentinian will serve any of his 21 month stretch. Conventionally in Spain, most prison sentences under two years are non-custodial. Do you think this makes a mockery of the justice system, or is a sign of progressiveness? Should a multi-millionaire displaying such wanton greed be made an example of? Or is Messi merely a by-product of an overly-commercialised sport in a capitalist society?
Wanton: Gratuito

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