Discussion Points. May 30- Jun 2

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Brand Loyalty Goes Flat
A recent blindfold test on colas once again suggested that consumer loyalty to market leaders is misplaced. Despite most of the participants declaring that Coke was their favourite brand of cola, the vast majority could not distinguish the famous soft drink from other cheaper versions. In fact a supermarket own brand was voted the best tasting. Is it mere co-incidence that Coca Cola has by far the largest marketing budget of any fizzy drink, and is also the best-selling? How influential do you think advertising is on our supposed freedom of choice?
Brand: Marca
Blindfold: Venda
Blindfold Test: An experiment whereby the participants do not know the brand of the product they are sampling.
Supermarket Own Brand: Marca/líneas blanca
Fizzy: Gaseoso, efervesente.

Civil Strife
With the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War approaching, and only a handful of possible war criminals are left alive, do you think those who perpetrated war crimes in the 1930s should be investigated and tried? Or will this just open up old wounds? Is it possible to conduct a fair trial with so few witnesses left to testify?
Open up Old Wounds: Abrir Viejas heridas.

An advert for a Chinese detergent company has ignited a row over racism. The television commercial shows a black man being put into a washing machine, and then pulled out as a light-skinned East Asian. Is this just a bit of politically incorrect fun, or proof that Chinese attitudes are stuck in the last century?
Whitewash: Lit: Cal, o encalar. Fig: tapadera, encubrimiento. Or to suffer a complete sporting defeat.

The Spanish drama Vis-a-Vis has been broadcast on British telly this week. Do you think the programme, set in a women’s prison, is worthy of an international audience? Is it a shame that US and Latin American shows dominate Spanish TV, or just the inevitable and welcome consequence of globalisation?
Locked Up: In Britain the title of the programme is Locked Up meaning ‘encerrado’.
Jailbird: Presidiario o presa. The word evokes the image of a caged canary. In old-fashioned macho British slang a ‘bird’ is a woman.

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