Discussion Points. May 23-27

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Zoo’s Dented Pride
Two lions were shot dead in a Chilean zoo after a mentally ill man stripped naked before climbing into the big cats’ enclosure. Zookeepers shot the lions as they mauled the intruder. Is a human life always worth more than that of an animal? Did the zookeepers have any choice but to save the insane man, even if the incident was entirely his fault?
Pride: In English poetic names are often given to describe groups of the same animals. These names, called ‘collective nouns’ or sometimes ‘nouns of assemblage’ often reflect the personality of the creature. For example a collection of crows is known as a ‘murder’, and rhinos a ‘crash’. The collective noun for a group of lions is a ‘pride’.

Bye High
This week in Britain a new law will come into force that will ban so-called ‘legal highs’. Critics feel the law is unenforceable, whilst others question what right the government has to tell citizens what they can and can’t ingest. Is it the duty of politicians to ensure that drugs are as hard to purchase as possible? Is it hypocritical to ban cannabis and cocaine, but not alcohol and tobacco? Would the government be better legalising drugs, and taxing them?
Legal High: A technically legal substance created in the laboratory to mimic the effects of a narcotic.
To Get High: The feeling experienced when taking drugs.

Pack it in
Tobacco giants have lost their legal battle to prevent cigarettes being placed in plain packaging in Britain. In other countries where the policy has been in force for some years now, there has been a drop in the number of young people starting the habit. Is it the responsibility of the government to dissuade people from smoking? Do the multinational tobacco companies wield too much influence?
Pack it in: To pack something in means to stop, or give it up.
Wield: Ejercer, hacer uso.
Fag: ‘Fag’ is the most commonly use slang word for cigarette in British English. However in American English it means a gay person!

Nude Snoozer
Police in Manchester were called to deal with a naked sleepwalker who had escaped his hotel room, and was wandering the streets in his birthday suit. Have you ever done anything embarrassing in your sleep?
Sleepwalker: Sonábulo
Birthday Suit: Expression describing the state of being completely undressed.

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