Discussion Points. May 17-19

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Ukro-vision Song Contest
The winner of this year’s Eurovision Contest was 1944 a protest song about the deportation of Crimean Tartars during the Second World War. Russia has reacted with indignation to the political swipe from her Ukrainian neighbour. Do you think that it is inappropriate for Eurovision to be used as a political platform? Or is this a welcome change from the usual anodyne ballads, and unimaginative pop of the competition? Are there any countries in Europe that do not have some episodes in their History they ought to be ashamed of?
Anodyne: Anodino

Not in My Backyard
This week a bomb exploded in Yemen killing 25 civilians, and every year thousands are slaughtered across the Middle East in terrorist attacks. Yet these news stories are barely mentioned in the Western press. Had this bomb exploded in Madrid, Paris, or London it would undoubtedly have made headline news. Does this prove the ingrained bias of the European media? Or is it simply natural that we cover events closer to home with more scrutiny?
Ingrained: Arraigrado, empedernido.

Scientists lead Rhino Charge
With only three Northern White Rhinos thought to be left in the world, scientists are embarking on a programme to save the species for posterity. Using a combination of stem-cell technology, and IVF the boffins hope to artificially create the animals in a lab. Do you think this is a realistic ambition? Or is there no way back for the northern rhino? Will the problem of incest simply prevent any long-term prospects of survival? And should the priority be in saving other species that still cling on in sustainable numbers?
Rhino: Strictly speaking the species is called the rhinoceros, but usually referred to as rhinos. Likewise hippopotamus is usually shortened to hippo.
Boffin: Jerga. Cerebrito.

Do You Have the Drive?
It would appear that we are on the cusp of developing and manufacturing ‘driverless’ cars. Would you trust a computer to steer your vehicle? After all, aeroplanes have been flying us on autopilot for decades. Or perhaps if you want to sleep whilst travelling, taking the bus is the safest option.
Cusp: Cúspide.

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