Discussion Points. April 18-22

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All the current indications are that the EU referendum in Britain will be a closely run affair. A small majority of Britons appear to support continued European membership, but that is not the whole story. Scepticism about Europe is considerably higher amongst the older generation, and they are more likely to turn out to vote on the day. Do you think Britain leaving the EU would have a big impact on the Spanish economy?
Brexit: A term invented by the media to describe the possible withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU; an amalgamation of BRitish and EXIT.

It’s Only a Game?
In 2022 the World Cup will be hosted by the small Middle Eastern Country of Qatar. There have been concerns about the conditions under which the migrant workers, who are building the stadiums, must live and work. Should Qatar be stripped of the competition if it continues to violate Human Rights? Do you think sporting events can be used to persuade poorer countries to improve such matters?

Viva....Gran Bretaña
The number of Spaniards moving to the United Kingdom has increased by over 100% in the past four years. Only Polish and Romanian migrants outnumber the amount of Spanish people working in Britain. Is this purely due to economic considerations, or is there something else that is attracting more than 100,000 workers from Spain to find a new life in the UK?

Gagging for It
A Basque photographer has become the first person to be fined under Spain’s so-called ‘Gag Law’, whereby the government can impose restrictions on what journalists report, especially in the case of police activity. Is this a case of the governing PP party crushing free speech, or merely a way of allowing police to operate with greater effectiveness?
Gag: Mordaza
Gagging for it: Informal way of describing a desire for something.

Latin Lovers
According to a recent survey, Spaniards make the least faithful partners in Europe. Do you think this can possibly be true, or should such surveys be taken with a pinch of salt?
Faithful: Fiel
To take something with a pinch of salt: Literally meaning ‘Pellizco de sal’ this expression means to adopt a cynical approach to something.

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