Discussion Points. March 15th-19th

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An Australian businessman has made a new letter of the alphabet. It is a symbol for the word "the". It looks like a capital "T" and a small "h" joined together. However, it looks like a letter from the Serbian language. The man thinks people will like it. People can get it from iTunes. The guy hopes computer makers will put the letter on their keyboards. He spent $35,000 on his app, but Apple isn't so interested. He said it won't change the world, but will be useful.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) will build a new theme park called Nintendoland in Osaka. There will be rides based on Nintendo characters. USJ said it would be ready in 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympics. The park will cost $351 million. This is $100 million more than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. Nintendo said its park would, "include major attractions…and feature Nintendo's most famous characters".

The technology company Apple and the FBI are having a big argument. It is about the iPhone of the man who killed 14 people in a terrorist attack in California last December. The FBI wants Apple to unlock the phone because it has information to help catch more terrorists. Apple told the FBI that it would not open the iPhone. Apple said that would be a security risk. Apple said other people would also want phones unlocked.

China has many of the biggest things in the world. Now it has a new one - the world's largest building. It is called the New Century Global Center. It opened few months ago in Chengdu. It is 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high. It is very, very, very big. Twenty Sydney Opera Houses can go inside it. It is almost three times bigger than the Pentagon. Thousands of workers built it in three years. It will make Chengdu a 21st-century city.

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