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Scientists have seen something amazing in space for the first time. They saw gravitational waves. These are waves in space that are similar to ripples in water. They move outwards from the centre. Gravitational waves start when giant space objects hit each other. Albert Einstein first spoke about waves in space in 1916 in his General Theory of Relativity. One hundred years later, the researchers have proved Einstein was right. The researchers used powerful technology to see the waves. Einstein did not have this technology. He used his genius to predict the waves existed.

LIFE IN 2116
A new report from Samsung describes life in 100 years from now. There are many tall skyscrapers, underwater 'bubble' cities, and holidays in space. Experts on space and architecture, and city planners gave their ideas on life in 2116. They said the way we live, work and play will be totally different from today. They said that 25 years ago, people could not imagine how the Internet would change our lives. The Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and learn. The experts said the changes in the next century would be even more unbelievable.

Countries discuss same-sex marriage, but not marriage to a bridge. In July 2013, an Australian artist, Jodi Rose, fell in love with a 600-year-old bridge in France and married it. France does not agree with marriages between people and bridges. Fourteen guests went to the wedding to see the couple become bridge and wife. The mayor of the nearby town blessed the marriage. Jodi wore a white wedding dress. She gave the bridge a very large ring.

A new study shows many people work through their lunch hour. This is unhealthy. People get sick and take time off work. The study is from a health group in the U.K. Researchers interviewed over 2,000 people about what they do at lunch. Twenty per cent said they took no lunch break. They worked through their lunch hour. Half of the people said they ate their lunch at their desk. They went online, answered e-mails or went on Facebook. One in five people went outside for lunch to go shopping or get some air. Just three per cent of workers went to the gym.

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