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The tiny nation of Luxembourg is not well known as a player in the space race. However, its government has just invested in the asteroid mining industry. Companies will mine asteroids near the Earth for water and minerals. Some of the things they mine will help future trips to Mars and beyond. Luxembourg is looking at research and development projects to become a leader in this new industry.
Do you think this will certainly be a new mineral source for our planet? Can you estimate at what cost the mining would take place before reaching the common man?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the Zika virus could become a global pandemic. Scientists say the outbreak could be more serious than the Ebola virus. Ebola killed over 11,000 people. The WHO estimated that the Zika virus could affect four million people this year. The virus is advancing across South and Central America. Dr Margaret Chan of the WHO warned that Zika is "spreading explosively". She added that it has quickly gone from being a mild to a serious threat. The mosquito that carries the virus is spreading worldwide because of warmer weather.

Women have to pay more than men for almost the same things. A study by The Times newspaper found that many products for women cost twice as much as similar things for men. Researchers looked at hundreds of goods in shops. They found that clothes, beauty products and toys were 36 per cent more expensive than those for men and boys. One store charged $7 more for a pink scooter than a black one. Another store charged double the price for pink razors. Researchers said women's Levi 501 jeans were 46 per cent more expensive than those for men. The Times called this "sexist" pricing. Other people said it was a "gender tax".
Would you agree over the ‘gender tax’? How would you relate this to the monthly savings for a man and a woman?

People who fly a long way hate jet lag. It lasts for three or four days. Traveling across time zones upsets your body clock. You can be awake at 3.00am and sleepy after lunch. That might soon be over. Researchers are making a drug for jet lag. It can help people change to a new time zone in 24 hours. The researchers have found the body's "reset button". This helps us after our sleep pattern changes.

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