Discussion Points. Jan 25th-29th

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Unlikely Bedfellows
The Spanish Prime Minister is now suggesting a three-way coalition between old enemies PP and PSOE, as well as Cuidadanos. With no obvious solution to the political crisis are politicians going to have to swallow their pride and work together for the good of the country? And besides, is there really much difference between PP and PSOE these days?
Unlikely Bedfellows: Literally translates as ‘improbable compañeros de cama’.

The End of Empire?
The left-wing leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has suggested a power-sharing deal over the Falkland Islands (known as Las Malvinas in Spanish) with Argentina. Is it time that old colonial powers such as Britain give up far-flung possessions like the Falklands, or closer to home, Gibraltar? If so should Spain consider a compromise over Ceuta and Melilla?

Plastic’s not Fantastic
there is more plastic rubbish strewn across the World than previously thought. Various types of plastic litter have been found on the deepest parts of the ocean floor. Professor Jan Zalasiewicz of Leicester University said ‘This is not a sign our planet is in a healthy condition’. Is it time to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastic we produce? Or is this just an inevitable part of our ‘throwaway society’?
Leicester: A city in the English Midlands. It is pronounced ‘Lester’.

Worst in the World
A wide-ranging survey by the Legatum Institute has named the troubled Central African Republic as the least prosperous country on Earth. The survey takes into account not just economic wealth but variables such as unemployment and political freedom. The second most wretched place to live is Afghanistan, with Haiti, Chad, and Burundi making up the bottom five. The Democratic Republic of Congo was named the most dangerous nation in which to reside.

Black is Back
Oil prices were falling even before sanctions against Iran were lifted. With the government in Tehran now flooding the market with millions of barrels of ‘black gold’, oil prices are set to fall still further. Will the motorist benefit from cheaper petrol? Would you prefer more affordable fuel even if it means a more polluted environment?

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