Discussion Points. Jan 18th-21st

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New research shows that having a pet dog can help to reduce children's stress. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA shows that petting a dog is a great way to help stressed kids. Researchers looked at 643 children aged six and seven over an 18-month period. They found that children who have a pet dog suffer from less stress than children without a dog. The researchers also said a pet dog can be a source of comfort for children. The dog can also act as a friend to a small child, who tells the pet all his or her secrets and stories.
What do you think about the research? Can pets be responsible for stress? What could be the negative points on having dog as a pet?

A new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) says processed meat causes cancer. Processed meat includes bacon, hot dogs, ham and sausages, as well as canned meat and meat-based sauces. The report was made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It said it was important to tell the world about the danger of processed meat because of the large number of people who eat it and get cancer.
Would you agree to this report by WHO? How often is the consumption of processed meat on day to day bases in Spain?

The online shopping giant Amazon has entered the grocery delivery business in the UK. Its new service is called Amazon Pantry. A traditional pantry is a small room or cupboard in a house where people put food, plates and cutlery. Amazon's new product will provide customers with a next-day delivery service of groceries. It will mean there will be a lot of competition for the UK's traditional supermarkets.
Do you believe in online grocery shopping? What could be the advantages and disadvantages? In Spain, how commonly the supermarkets offer delivery by online services?

French DJs are angry about a new government rule. They are already unhappy because 40 per cent of the songs they play must be in French. Now the government wants them to make sure the French songs are not the same hits, or get a fine. The new rule could make people switch to music streaming services instead of listening to the radio. Many French artists, such as Daft Punk, already sing in English so they can be popular around the world.
What do you think about the involvement of the French government with respect to the music played in France? Can English music adversely affect the countries speaking other languages? How does the Spanish government react to the music in Spain?

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