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To Dub or not to Dub?
The Spanish government has proposed to replace dubbed films and television programmes with subtitles. It is a move that appears to have more support amongst those who wish to learn English, than Spaniards content to remain monoglots. Is this just another example of the inexorable rise of the English language? Do you think it´s a shame that the whole World may one day speak with a single tongue, thus losing the nuances of thought encouraged by different languages? Or is this a welcome development that has the potential to bring humanity closer together? Does it annoy you that so much of what is watched on telly or at the cinema is in a foreign language? Is it worrying that one country, namely USA, has such a stranglehold on popular culture? Especially, as Americans are often accused, rightly or wrongly, of being ignorant of the outside World.
Dubbing: Doblaje
Subtitles: Subtítulos.
Monoglot: Monolingüe
Stranglehold: Control absoluto o dominio

Ringo Drums up Some Cash
A drum-kit belonging to the legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr recently sold at auction for over €2,000,000. Almost half a century after the band broke up their music still holds a great appeal, even for many born long after the Sixties. Do you think the ‘Fab Four’ are deserving of such acclaim, or are they vastly overrated? If you´re a fan, who is your favourite member of the Liverpool quartet?
Quartet: Cuarteto
Drums: Batería o tambor
To Drum Up: Suscitar

Grave Phobias
A Welshwoman endured a horrific ordeal last week, when she awoke in a coffin. Her boyfriend had strangled her unconscious, and wrongly assuming his victim was dead, buried her in a box in a shallow grave. Incredibly, the lady managed to crawl out and pull herself upwards by grabbing on to tree roots. For many people waking up in a coffin is the worst nightmare imaginable. Would you prefer to be cremated for that reason?
Ordeal: Dura experiencia o sufrimiento
Burial: Entierro o sepelio.
Cremation: Cremación o incineración
Grave: Grave has two meanings; tumba, sepultura o grave, serio.

Plastic’s not Fantastic
The introduction of a 5p charge on carriers bags in England (itself following the lead of Ireland, Scotland and Wales) has seen a significant reduction in the number of disposable plastic bags issued in supermarkets. Is it high time that Spain introduced a similar measure in order to promote sustainable living?
Disposable: Deseshable

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