Discussion Points. Dec 1st-4th

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30 November – 4 December

Climate of Fear
French authorities have banned demonstrations in Paris as the Climate Change Summit takes place. Do you think the recent terrorist attacks in the French capital justify this action, or is this just an excuse for a government to restrict the rights of the citizens it claims to represent? With the USA’s continuing refusal to co-operate with the rest of the World by agreeing to significantly reduce its’ greenhouse gas emissions, is there any point to such summits? Do emerging powers such as China and India have the right to industrialise regardless of the environmental consequences? After all, Europe and North America modernised through the profligate exploitation of their natural resources. Are the delegates merely using up the World’s dwindling resources by flying to what is effectively a talking shop?
Summit: Cumbre. As in Spanish, ‘summit’ has two meanings; the top of a hill or mountain, or a meeting between national leaders.
Climate: Climate also has a dual meaning ‘el tiempo/clima’ or ‘ambiente’.
Talking Shop: An institution, such as a national parliament, that produces many words but few actions.

A Russian jet fighter was shot down by the Turks as it entered into Turkish airspace following a bombing mission over war-torn Syria. One pilot was killed, though the other managed to parachute to safety. Vladimir Putin has reacted with fury proposing sanctions against Turkey, since the Turks probably knew it was a Russian jet and therefore not a direct threat to their security. Ankara maintains its´ right to defend national airspace. Do you support Putin, or should he heed the old adage ‘if you live by the sword you die by the sword’? Do you feel sympathy for the dead pilot, or was it is his own fault for volunteering to join the air force in the first place?
Parachute: Paracaídas
If you live by the sword, you die by the sword: This saying implies that those who are inclined to warfare will eventually get what they deserve.
To take heed: Hacer caso de....
Adage: Un dicho

Pope Roams Around Africa
Pope Francis has been conducting an African tour this week, visiting such unstable countries as the Central African Republic. With church attendances plummeting in Europe, does the Third World offer the only hope for Catholicism to survive the twenty-first century? Is religion primarily a palliative comfort for the wretchedly poor? If Africa and Latin America can enrich themselves and achieve a European standard of living, will the influence of religion inevitably wane?
Plummet: Caer a plomo
Roam: Vagar. It is a homonym, therefore pronounced the same way as Rome.
Did you know? There has not been an African Pope since the late fifth century. The last Pontiff from the continent was the North African Gelasius I. There has never been a Pope from sub-Saharan Africa.

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