Discussion Points. Nov 23-26th

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Media Hype?
With the 24 hour news machine in overdrive, do you think the media coverage of terrorist attacks is mawkish? Or worse still, is this deliberate fear-mongering on the part of journalists? On the other hand, is it possible to overstate the impact of such Islamist atrocities? After all this is the raison d’etre of the press.
Hype: Bombo publicitario.
Overdrive: Sobremarcha o Ponerse a trabajar a toda marcha.
Mawkish: Empalagoso o Pasteloso.
Fear-mongering: Infundir temor.
On the Other Hand: Por otra parte.
Over the Top: Something greatly exaggerated or egregious. Another adage (dicho) is ‘flogging a dead horse’ (Lit. flagelación un caballo muerto), namely exhausting every possible benefit or advantage from something.
Raison d’etre: The purpose of something. As with many words and expressions in English, this is taken directly from French. Remember in English, unlike Spanish, words borrowed from French such as ballet and chef, are pronounced as in French.

Bah Humbug!
Christmas seems to come earlier every year, with shops starting to display tacky adverts for the “religious” holiday in October. Obviously the retail sector is important for the struggling economy, but has Christmas become too commercialised? Would you support a ban on festive advertising until, say, the beginning of December? Is it right that companies target youths? Should there be a complete ban on advertising products aimed at young children?
Tacky: Hortera
Bah Humbug: These words, first uttered (pronunciado) by the character Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ famous Yuletide tale A Christmas Carol, have become a cliché used to express disapproval at Christmas, or particularily the commercial exploitation of the festival.
Yuletide: Another way of saying Christmas.
Festive: Pertaining to festivals, particularly Christmas.

Reap What You Sow?
As the United Nations voted to destroy ISIS this week, Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the Labour Party (Britain´s largest opposition party), described the West´s policy in the Middle East as counter-productive, and increasing the risk of a terrorist attack on the UK. Is the situation in Syria (and beyond) the result of Western oil-lust and gung-ho militarism, or the uncompromising and fanatical adherence to a religion that appears to be stuck in the Medieval Age? Or perhaps more likely, a combination of the two factors?
Reap what you sow: Se recoge lo sembrado o cosecha lo que siembra.
Gung-ho: Entusiasta o excesivamente agresivo.

Euro? Vision
The organisers of the annual kitsch-fest Eurovision, have announced that once again Australia will take part in the musical contest, despite the rather obvious fact that the country is on the other side of the Earth. Should Eurovision become Worldvision? What has the rest of planet done to deserve that!?

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