Discussion Points. Nov 16th-19th

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Burmese Days
In Burma (officially known as Myanmar) last week, Aung San Suu Kyi won the country’s first democratic election after half a century of military rule. Aung who has spent decades opposing the regime is a widely respected Human Rights campaigner, as well as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. However this may count for little as she tries to tackle Burma’s many problems such as crippling poverty, and a disenfranchised Muslim minority. Do you think it is inevitable that Aung will lose her popularity once she starts to rule the country?
Disenfranchised: Privar del derecho al voto/ de derechos

Insane on the Seine
With well over a hundred people murdered in Paris this weekend, is the whole struggle against terrorism spiralling out of control? Are the Christian and Muslim worlds on an inevitable collision course? Are bombing raids on Syria and Iraq (such as those carried out by the French Air Force) a justified action, or counter-productive? Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died in the civil war, and yet in the Western media the deaths of Europeans and North Americans seem to be considered as more important. How worried should we be about terrorism? After all, we are still far more likely to be killed in a traffic accident.
Side Effect: Efectos segundarios o efecto adicional
After All: Después de todo
Knee-Jerk: Exabrupto
Counter-productive: Contraproducente
Collision course: Rumbo de colisión o curso de colisión
River Seine: Río Sena

Russian Around
This week saw Russia provisionally banned from World Athletics over concerns that the countries’ sporting authorities have been covering-up doping. It is possible that Russia, a nation with a rich athletics pedigree, may be banned from the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Yet are we likely to ever see the complete removal of performance-enhancing drugs from sport?
To Cover-up: Encubrimiento o Cortina de humo
Doping: Dopaje

Money Doesn’t Buy Love
A jilted man who bought a coffee for a woman on an unsuccessful date, has demanded back the £3.50 he paid for the hot drink. Just twenty minutes into the date, the wannabe Romeo suggested they retire to his house as he was ‘waiting for a shopping delivery’. The woman declined the offer, and any further dates, so the man asked for his money back. Is this male simply tight-fisted and un-romantic? Or is the concept of a man always paying on a first date out-dated and unfair in the twentieth century?
Jilted: Dejar plantado o rechazado
Tight-fisted: Tacaño o agarrado/a
Out-dated: Anticuado o pasado de modo

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