News Items: 9 November – 13 November

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The 11th November is known as Armistice Day, and the BBC insists that everybody who appears on their television stations in the weeks before must wear a poppy. Actress Sienna Miller was strongly criticised in sections of the British media for not displaying a poppy on a recent telly appearance. Since the 1920s poppies (made of paper and plastic) have been worn in remembrance of those British soldiers (though interestingly not civilians or foreign servicemen) who died in the World Wars. Some people now believe that ‘Poppy Fascism’ has gone too far, and that mandatory poppy-wearing is meaningless. Have countries like Britain become too mawkish in their commemorations of the World Wars?
Poppy: Amapola
Poppycock: Tonterías (antiguamente)
Mawkish: Sensiblero o empalagoso

Oh Canada!
The new Liberal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has appointed a cabinet composing of fifty percent women. Is positive discrimination a justified method of encouraging much-needed equality in society? Or should a job be designated purely on the basis of whoever is the best-qualified?

Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say
Tony Blair made a half-hearted apology last week for his part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He regretted that the intelligence used to justify the war was incorrect, though insisted this was not a deliberate deception on his part. Is the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria a direct result of Western interference? Or would this bloody chaos have resulted anyway had Saddam Hussein died of natural causes?
Half-hearted: Tibio o poco entusiasta

Staying in the Euro?
This week sees the last four remaining places in the Euro2016 football Championships up for grabs. Who do you think will win the following play-offs? Norway v Hungary, Bosnia v Republic of Ireland, Sweden v Denmark, and Ukraine v Slovenia.

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