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Hit the Road Mac
The global fast food chain McDonalds is in crisis. The famous brand is suffering from an image problem as it is now associated with unhealthy living and immoral business practices such as, factory farming and advertising to children. The corporation is closing many of its ‘restaurants’ but is this enough to save this slice of Americana? Is McDonalds simply a tacky fad that seems outdated in the 21st century? Or do enough of us count a Big Mac as a guilty pleasure for the burger franchise to continue, with this being a mere blip?
Junk Food: A term applied to unhealthy fast food, such as McDonalds and KFC.
Factory Farming: The intensive and often cruel system of producing meat and poultry. Many people feel uncomfortable about this unnatural form of farming, though most of our food is still produced this way, suggesting we don’t care enough to pay more for quality meat.
Tacky: Hortera
Fad: Moda pasajera, novedad
Blip: Incidente breve, irregularidad.
Guilty Pleasure: Something that you enjoy (with a slight sense of embarrassment) despite knowing it is tacky e.g. “Listening to Enrique Iglesias is a guilty pleasure for me”.

Paint it Neutral
Around 75% of people in Europe, North America and Asia prefer to buy cars in ‘neutral’ colours such as white, black, grey and silver. Only a quarter of people choose ‘bright’ colours like blue and red. This is perhaps surprising as blue and red tend to be popular ‘favourite colours’ in general. Apparently the main reason for this is that the majority of people prefer to merge into the background.
Merge into the Background: To be surreptitious, to draw attention away from oneself (as opposed to ‘standing out like a sore thumb’).

Geeks are Over-the-Moon?
The news of the cinema release this year of the new Star Wars franchise has been greeted with enthusiasm by geeks the world over. However can the seventh episode possibly live up to expectations? Were the original Star Wars films over-rated? Is this just a case of middle-aged men becoming nostalgic about their youth?
Geek: A boring man or boy who stereotypically enjoys computers and science-fiction, but lacks friends, especially female ones.
Over-the-Moon: To be very happy or excited about something.

We are not Alone?
A recent survey of the British public found that a fifth claim to have seen a UFO, and over half believe that life probably exists on other planets. Is it logical to conclude that a universe of such mind-boggling proportions hosts some form of life outside Earth? If we come into contact with intelligent life, do you think it is more likely to be benevolent, or as warlike as humanity?
Mind-boggling or Mind-blowing: Incomprensible o insondable.

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