Discussion Points. Oct 13th-15th

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Mammoth Problem
Four men (three armed wardens plus a soldier) were killed in Congo this week, trying to prevent elephant poaching. They were attacked by a larger group of armed poachers. Do you think park wardens have the moral right to shoot poachers? Is it possible to save a species that produces a commodity as valuable as ivory, in poverty-stricken countries such as Congo?
Poacher: Cazador furtivo
Mammoth: Mamot o enorme, gigante
Ivory: Marfil
Ivory Towers: Cuento de hadas. For example ‘Politicians seem to live in ivory towers and have no concept of the real world’.

It´s Spring Down Under
Scientists have discovered that six types of Rock Wallabies in Australia share much more genetic material than previously thought possible for different species. The findings of this study means geneticists may have to reconsider certain aspects of the Theory of Evolution.
Down Under: Australia and New Zealand are said to be ‘down under’ due to the fact that they are on the ‘bottom side’ of the World.
Spring: Spring has a double meaning; 1, primavera 2, muelle, resorte.
Wallaby: Ualabí
Do you understand this children´s joke? What do you get if you cross a kangaroo and a sheep? A woolly jumper.
Did you know? The Australian Rugby Union team is nicknamed the Wallabies?
Nickname: Apodo

Tennis Star Makes a Racket.
Controversial Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios was in trouble again this week, following a four-lettered outburst during a defeat in Japan. He has been fined for his unsporting behaviour, but is there too much pressure on sports-stars these days? Has money had a bad influence on tennis and sport in general?
Four-lettered Word: A euphemism for a swear word (palabrota), since many of the rudest expressions in English happen to be four letters long.
Racket and Raquet are homonyms. Racket translates as ruido or barullo; racquet means raqueta.

Lukashenko Makes Minsk-meat of Opposition.
Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, often described as the last dictator in Europe, claimed victory in a general election this week. The vote is widely thought to have been rigged, allowing Lukashenko, who has been ruling the former-Soviet state for 21 years, to tighten his grip on power. Considering the turmoil in neighboring Ukraine, are countries so much better off under democracy?
Rig: To fix (amañar) the result of a vote or election.

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