Discussion Points. October 5th-11th

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The Name’s Smith....Sam Smith
British crooner Sam Smith has just reached number one in the music charts with his tune Writing’s on the Wall the theme song to the new James Bond film Spectre. The latest Bond franchise, the 24th in the series, will be released this autumn. After over half a century of thwarting super-villains and seducing femme fatales, is it time for Agent 007 to consider retirement?
Crooner: An old-fashioned singer in the style of Frank Sinatra or James Dean.
The Writing’s on the Wall: A saying, often used with the benefit of hindsight (a posterior o en retrospectiva), to describe the inevitability of something. For example: Once she started taking drugs, the writing was on the wall for Amy Winehouse.
Thwart: Frustrar o impedir.
Femme Fatal: An expression taken from French to describe an attractive, yet dangerous woman.

No Conspiracy Theory
Ninety-six Liverpool supporters were crushed to death at the Hillsborough Football Stadium, Sheffield in 1989. The then Prime-Minister Margaret Thatcher, press baron Rupert Murdoch, and the police all colluded to shift the blame away from incompetent police officers and onto the Liverpool fans themselves. After years of campaigning the victim’s families finally proved the conspiracy to be true. None of the police who perjured themselves have yet been prosecuted and cynics suspect they never will be. How many other conspiracy theories do you think are partly or entirely true?
Conspiracy Theory: The belief that the establishment has deliberately lied to the public about major events. The deaths of Hitler and Kennedy have, for example, resulted in many conspiracy theories.
Collude: Conspirar o confabular.

Holiday Nightmare
Two female British tourists (presumably drunk) drowned off the Costa Brava this week, despite the obviously rough seas and being warned by a local of the risks. Should authorities in popular seaside towns who allow (some would say encourage) foreign tourists to spend as much money as possible on booze, do more to prevent these tragedies occurring? Or is it impossible to legislate for drunken stupidity?
Booze: Slang word for alcohol.
Fanning the Flames
Russia has now entered the already complex civil war in Syria. President Putin has ordered several air strikes in defence of his ally President Al Assad. The US (itself no stranger to foreign bombing campaigns) has accused Moscow of ‘fanning the flames’ in Syria. Would you prefer a bog-standard dictator such as Assad to remain in power, if it means keeping ISIS and other extremists out?
To Fan the Flames: To exacerbate (empeorar o agravar) an already dangerous situation.
Bog-Standard: Something that is average, and fulfils expectations without exceeding them.

El Mundo is not Enough.
This week sees the launch of El Español an exclusively online news broadcaster. Pedro J Ramirez, who was sacked as editor of El Mundo newspaper last year, leads the venture and his team have managed to raise over three million euros of equity through ‘crowdfunding’. Do you think El Español will prove to be the final nail in the coffin for traditional print media?
Nail in the Coffin: Dar la puntilla o la última estocada.
Sacked: Despedido.

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