Discussion points. Sept 28th- Oct 4th

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Women Priests - there are Nun.
Pope Francis is the most popular pontiff in living memory, but can he live up to the hype? Or indeed save the Catholic Church from the challenges of modernity? The Pope has hinted that women may have a changing role in the Church. How likely are we to see women priests in the 21st century? Or even a female pope?
Hype: Bombo publicitario o publicitar.
Pontiff: Another word for Pope.
Nun: Monja (Pronounced like none).

Honky Tonk Pensioners
A new Rolling Stones album is currently in the pipeline. In their youth the likes of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were the bad boys of Pop. But can men in their 70s still create exciting, and relevant music? Or is Rock and Roll by definition the preserve of the young.
Pipeline: If something is in ‘the pipeline’ it is being planned or prepared.

German Inefficiency
German car manufacturer Volkswagen previously enjoyed a reputation for reliability and high quality products, but this week has suffered damaging revelations about falsifying emissions data. It appears that the auto-giant has been deliberately under-estimating the levels of pollution caused by its’ vehicles. Do you think this is the tip of the iceberg, and that most car companies are similarly dishonest? Is it possible for large corporations to combine profitability and morality?
Tip of the Iceberg: Lo de Menos; la punta del iceberg.

114 Years Young
Next month Ana Maria Vela Rubio, Spain’s oldest citizen, will celebrate her 114th birthday. If medical advances continue many of us can expect to live at least as long. In fact some scientists believe that babies born today may live for centuries. Do you think we are approaching the limits of human longevity? Would you want to live to the age of 500?
Longevity: Longevidad.

NATO a Go-Go
In Britain the new Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is said to be in favor of withdrawing from NATO (OTAN). Do you think that European countries are too subservient to Washington? Is US foreign policy counter-productive and misguided or a necessary evil in a volatile world? Can Islamism ever be defeated without America’s determined lead?
Labour Party: Traditionally a socialist political party, Labour swung to the right under Tony Blair in the 1990s. Its’ members have now surprisingly elected a left-leaning thinker as their new leader.

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