Discussion Points. Sept 21st-24th

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Rugby Kicks-Off
The Rugby Union World Cup kicked off in England on Friday. Twenty teams from six continents have qualified for the competition. Amongst the favourites are reigning champions New Zealand, the hosts England, South Africa, and Australia. Ireland, Wales, France, and Argentina also have an outside chance of glory. Other competing nations include; Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Romania, Georgia, USA, Canada, Uruguay and the next hosts Japan. Do you think rugby will become more prevalent in Spain, or are there already too many popular games in this sports-mad country? Do you think rugby is too aggressive for the Spanish mentality?
Prevalent: Something that is widespread or in general use e.g. football is more prevalent than baseball in Spain.
Did you know that in rugby, when a player succeeds in placing the ball over the opposition’s back-line it is known as a ‘try’ not a goal?
Did you know that there is another version of rugby played with slightly different rules called Rugby League? This code is very popular in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Northern England.

Going for Gold
Also in sport, the shortlist of Olympic candidates has been announced including venues such as Hamburg and Budapest. Should other cities such as Paris and Los Angeles, which have hosted two previous Games, be allowed to make a third bid? Do you consider Madrid’s previous attempts to win the right to hold the Olympics were a waste of time? Is the bidding process for the Olympics as corrupt as that of the Football World Cup?
Bidding Process: The lengthy and costly procedure that must be embarked upon in order to host the Olympics.

The University of Life
As Freshers’ Weeks begin in the UK, a recent survey of adults has found that over 20% would advise students beginning university to drink lots of vodka, experiment with drugs and break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend before starting. Is this good advice? Is the primary purpose of uni to educate, or is it to experience life?
Freshers’ Week: A week-long induction into student life for Freshers (first year students), that traditionally sees teenagers over-indulging in alcohol.
Uni: In British English the word ‘university’ is often shortened to ‘uni’.

The Ultimate Long-Haul Flight
With Russia now offering space travel for millionaires, would you like the opportunity to become a Cosmonaut? It is estimated that any spacecraft has a 1 in 68 chance of failing to return safely to Earth. Would you risk such odds (assuming you could afford it)? Do you think space travel offers humanity its best chance of long-term survival?
Cosmonaut: In English we distinguish between space-travellers of different nationalities. Therefore Russians are known as cosmonauts, Americans as astronauts and Chinese as sinonauts.
Odds: This word refers to the chances of something happening. For example the odds of Getafe beating Real Madrid would be low, perhaps a 1 in 10.
Long-Haul: Flights to intercontinental destinations such as Australia are known as long-haul flights.

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