Discussion Points. Sept 14th-17th

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War has displaced half of all people in Syria.
Protests against the government in Syria in 2011 soon devolved into chaotic war. The fighting and later rise of ISIS forced 10.6 million people from home -- about half of Syria's pre-war population. Most Syrians who have left their homeland registered as refugees with the United Nations. Three in four Syrian refugees did that in Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan. What do you think about the situation, can the UN take new measures?
- Displaced
- Chaotic
- Take measures

Thousands take part in pro-refugee rallies in Europe.
Saturday's rallies urge solidarity with the huge numbers of refugees entering the continent. Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in capitals of Denmark and the UK to protest against their government's position on the refugee crisis, as other demonstrations were planned in Germany, Spain, France and elsewhere. The demonstrations - from Stockholm and Budapest to Athens and Madrid - came as a top UN official estimated that one million more Syrians could be displaced by the end of this year. Danish police estimated that 30,000 people had gathered outside the Danish parliament building in Copenhagen on last Saturday, shouting- "Refugees are welcome". What do you think; refugees should be welcome in the country or not?
- Rallies
- Urge
- Gathered

Hundreds of thousands flood streets of Barcelona to call for independence.
Pro-independence supporters gathered by the hundreds of thousands in Barcelona on Friday afternoon to hold a march that has become an annual tradition on September 11, but which takes on added meaning this year because of upcoming regional elections that could lead to Catalonia’s secession from Spain. Would Barcelona ever be declared as an independent state?
- To hold
- Takes on
- Lead to

Rick Perry drops out of US presidential race.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has dropped out of the race to be US president - the first departure among a large field of Republican candidates. Without naming front-runner Donald Trump, Mr Perry warned fellow Republicans to reject hard-line stances on immigration that could alienate Hispanic Americans. "In America, it is the content of your character that matters, not the colour of your skin," he told supporters on last Friday. Do you think about the statement; is it a reality in the US?
- Former
- Dropped out
- Front-runner

PHRASAL VERBS with examples:
account for - To explain, give a reason I hope you can account for the time you were out!
add up - To make sense, seem reasonable The facts in the case just don’t add up.
advise against - To recommend not doing something I advise against walking alone in this neighborhood.
agree with - To have the same opinion as someone else. I agree with you. I think you should go as well.

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