Discussion Points. July13th-17th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 13th - 17th July


The International Monetary Fund has stated that the Spanish economy will grow the most in Europe next year, a stark contrast from predictions a few years back. Do you see an improvement in the Spanish economy? How long before normal people will feel the effects?
-stark contrast


Greece has been offered a 'time-out' from the Eurozone while it sorts out its economy and finances. Do you think this measure is feasible?


On Tuesday 15th, the New Horizons probe will do a fly-by of the distant dwarf planet Pluto completing its 9 year mission. Even though Pluto is not considered a proper planet, do you think such a mission is worth it?


Uber has recently been banned in France over complaints that it was taking away work from licenced taxi drivers. In Spain, Uber has now become a platform for restaurants to find quick and easy deliverymen for their food. What is your opinion of Uber? Does it harm the taxi business?

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