Discussion points. July 6th-9th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 6th - 11th July


Greece rejected a bailout plan on Sunday adding another twist in the tale of the Greek-Euro drama. Do you think Greece is one step further to leaving the single currency and the EU?
-twist in the tale


Last week was Gay Pride week in the city in which hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets and came out to see the parade. Some have been critical of the even though saying it has become over sexualised and that cost of cleaning up the streets is too high. What is your opinion of Gay Pride?


Solar Impulse, a plane solely powered by the sun, has completed its voyage around the world, being the first solar powered plane to do so. Do you think solar powered planes are the future?


Cuba has become the first country to stamp out mother-to-baby HIV transmission. A combination of good education and medicine has been key to this. Do you think HIV-AIDS has moved out of the spotlight due to recent medical advances?
-to stamp out

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