DIscussion Points. 29th June-3rd July

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Club LTL Discussion Points 29th June - 3rd July


The United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favour of legalising gay marriage in a hallmark decision. Do you think other countries will now follow suit given the popular support this decision has received?
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The European Central Bank has cut off funding to Greek banks following the controversial decision taken by the Greek prime minister to hold a referendum on the bailout agreement. Greece is facing exit from the Euro and the EU which could seriously affect fellow members. How serious do you think this situation is? Do you think holding a referendum is the right thing to do?


Electricity companies are going to introduce a new way charging people for their electricity. The system will be divided into hourly segments and depending when you use electricity you will be charged more or less. Do you think this is fair? What is the reasoning behind it?


Thermometers hit 38 degrees on Saturday in Madrid causing some people to say that a heatwave is hitting the city. Do you think this is so? Are the high temperatures normal for this time of year?

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