Discussion points. 15th-19th June

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As of last weekend, Madrid now has a new mayor spelling an end to the PP's domination of the city. Do you think the new mayor will be able to keep her promises? What big changes do you expect to see over the next 4 years?


There has been increased coverage of the women's world cup that is currently going on even though Spain has been knocked out. Do you think women's sports will catch on?


King Phillip VI has decided to not hold any kind of celebration for his coronation anniversary citing that it would have been a “blind act” given the current economic climate. Do you think this is a strategic move to gain the people's support? Or does he genuinely mean it?


There were some big thunder storms in Madrid last Thursday which saw several metro stations flood and one person died. Do you think Madrid is ready and prepared for big weather events like last Thursday's?

Special Section. Idioms. Part IV

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Drastic times call for drastic measures

Elvis has left the building

Every cloud has a silver lining

Far cry from

Feel a bit under the weather

Give the benefit of the doubt

Hear it on the grapevine

Hit the nail on the head

Hit the sack / sheets / hay

It takes two to tango

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