Discussion Points. May 18th-22nd

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More migrants have died trying to get to Europe recently and there's been a level of hostility towards the European Union´s plan to settle migrants evenly between member states, especially from France. Do you think the migrant crisis is a national problem or a European one?


Elections are to take place at a municipal and local level and in Madrid, the ruling party is expected to not have the same majority it has enjoyed for the past decades because of the rise of left-wing parties. What do you think the results will be? Are you going to vote?


A recent survey in the UK has reveled that British people eat more 'ready-meals' than the rest of Europe combined. Do you think that this trend will catch on in Spain? Could there be a cultural reason for the consumption of ready-meals?


US company Tesla, announced that it had created batteries which would be powerful enough to power homes and store energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind power, essentially allowing people to be 'energy-independent'. The problem in Spain is that there is very high taxes and bureaucracy surrounding this idea which makes it unprofitable. Do you think the future of renewable energy is in these batteries? Should we have the choice to be energy-independent?
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