Discussion Points. March 16th-20th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 16th -20th March


The Catholic church has been in the news recently for two reasons: firstly the Vatican has said that force may be necessary to stop atrocities by the Islamic State and the second reason is that Pope Francis has hinted at a 'brief' papacy. What do you think of this? Will the Pope stand down soon? Will more action be taken to stop IS?


A recent article in the BBC had the punchline: “The rise of the far-left Podemos party and centrist Citizens means the next general election, at the end of this year, is set to be a four-horse race”. With approaching elections and slightly improving economic conditions, who do you think will win and who will be the losers?
-a four-horse race


A Belgian bus driver took his passengers on a 1,200km detour around France after mistakenly choosing the wrong town on his GPS. He was supposed to take his passengers to a ski resort in the Alps but instead ended up in a town with the same name almost 600km away near the Spanish border. Do you think people rely on GPS systems too much? Do you have a similar story of your own?
-ski resort
-to rely on


The front-man of the popular motoring TV show Top Gear, was suspended on Monday following an incident in which he punched the show's producer. Jeremy Clarkson has always been a controversial character and has issued many apologies for his comments and actions over the years but has always managed to evade suspension. Given that Top Gear is the BBC's best selling TV show, do you think it was wise to suspend him?

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