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A leading computer security company says it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software even seen. Symantec says that the bug, named Regis, was probably created by a government and has been used for 6 years against a range of targets around the world. Once installed on a computer, it can do things like capture screenshots, steal passwords or recover deleted files.
Do you think that a government has been able to create this bug to spy on institutions or private companies? Has Systamtec spread this rumour in order to expand their business?
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Switzerland's Bern Art Museum has agreed to accept hundreds of artworks bequeathed by German Nazi-era art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt. Many of the works are expected to remain in Germany until their rightful owners can be identified. Mr Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler's art dealer, amassed a priceless collection of works, including pieces by Picasso and Monet. The museum pledged to work with German authorities to ensure that "all looted art in the collection is returned" to its rightful owners.
Do you think that the paintings should be displayed or rather go to a warehouse until the owners claim them back?


In a 2013 survey by global consulting firm Deloitte, more than four out of five US human resources managers said that skills and experience gained while volunteering are taken into consideration when deciding whether to hire a candidate. And in a reed.co.uk survey commissioned by London-based volunteer facilitator TimeBank, 80% of UK employers said that they value volunteering on a CV. Do you think that in Spain is as important as it is in those countries? Why? Why not?

International. (Italy)

For years Venice has battled the effects of rising waters on its historic architecture, but now it's facing a new threat -- wheeled suitcases .City officials have become so tired with the cacophony of rumbling luggage they're introducing fines of up to 500 euros ($620) for anyone caught using one. The move, due to come into effect in May 2015, is likely to create a headache for many of 22 million who annually visit the city.
For locals, long tired of plastic or hard rubber wheels rattling past their windows as they try to sleep, it will come as a welcome relief.
The new rules, which will require luggage to be transported on quieter air-filled tires, are the idea of City Commissioner Victor Zapparlorto.
Do you agree with that? Why? Why not?

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