Discussion Points. Sept 29th - Oct 2nd

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Club LTL Discussion Points 29th September - 2nd October


Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has called for the constitutional court to declare Catalonia's planned independence referendum illegal saying that it was “not compatible with the Spanish constitution”. Catalonian president, Artur Mas, has said that he will fight for the referendum to the held. Do you think this will stop the referendum taking place?


The French government has unveiled a controversial new measure which requires all cigarette packets to plain. The idea is that will help cut back on new smokers taking up the habit and is the first European country to take this measure. Will this measure work? Can you ever see it being implemented in Spain?
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Last week a Nasa mission to Mars and an Indian Space Agency mission both reached Mars orbit and it has raised some questions over the cost of space exploration. The Indian mission has cost nearly a tenth of what the Nasa mission has cost and is only the fourth country to send a mission there. Some in have criticised the mission though because even though it is cheap by Western standards, some people feel that the money could have been spent at home on tackling issues like corruption and poverty which are rife in India. What do you think of this? Is space exploration an exclusive club or should the second and third world be more involved?


The European Union has announced that it will investigate supposed tax deals with major international companies such as Apple and Starbucks with the governments of Ireland, Luxembourg and The Netherlands as they amount to “government aid”. Do you think these companies pay a fair amount of tax? Do you think they have special deals with these countries?
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