Discussion Points. Del 22 al 25 Septiembre

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A Belgian murderer who serving life imprisonment has won his request to be euthanised. He argues that his sexual urges are uncontrollable and that he will never been released from prison. The Belgian Federal Euthanasia Commission had determined that every other option had been explored, including sterilisation and hormone treatments, but that since they had not worked, they have consented to euthanasia. Do you think prisoners should have the right to choose when they can end their lives?
-life imprisonment


A plaza, just down the road from the PP headquarters, was renamed Plaza de Margaret Thatcher last week by mayor Ana Botella. Some people have been criticised the move because it puts the controversial leader on-a-par with very famous Spanish figures such as Goya and Christopher Columbus who have streets and plazas named after them nearby. What do you think of this move?
-Spanish figures


Street protests took place in over 2,000 locations worldwide yesterday to demonstrate against climate change ahead of a UN climate summit in New York this week. Do you think climate change is a serious issue on the minds of the Spanish people?


Scotland voted 'No' to independence last week in a historic referendum. It comes after much debate and discussion which took place both in England and in Scotland. Do you think Catalonia could learn anything from the Scottish referendum? Was the result the outcome you expected?

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