Discussion Points. September 15th-19th

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Another Western hostage was murdered by Islamic State prompting a massive outcry from the British people for more intervention in the region to put an end to the barbarism. Some Arab states have also said they would be willing to use their air forces against IS pending approval by the Iraqi parliament. Do you think there should be an intervention by Western powers?


Last Thursday was the Diada day in Cataluña which celebrates the Catalan loss of independence in 1714. Last week's event was the largest one of its kind ever held, but some have complained that the day itself has been hijacked by nationalists calling for independence instead of celebrating Catalan culture and history. Do you agree with this?


Low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Vueling, are under fire for charging their customers illegal surcharges when paying online with a credit or debit card. Does this surprise you? Will you continue to use these airlines?
-under fire


A group of drag queens have won a battle to use their stage names instead of their real names on Facebook. The social networking site had tried to force them to use their real names, but after pressure from the public they were allowed to use their stage names. The group argued that they were being denied part of their identity by Facebook. Is it fair that people can choose to use alternative names on Facebook?

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