Discussion Points. September 8th to 12th

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In an attempt to try and disuade the people of Scotland voting in favour of independance, UK Chancellor, George Osbourne, has said that if Scots were to vote 'No' then they would offer Scotland a deal which would include more financial independance such as more say in how tax money is spent. Do you think this carrot-and-stick approach would work in Spain with Cataluña?
-in an attempt
-more say in
-carrot-and-stick approach


The World Health Organisation announced last week that it was reccommending that countries ban the use of the e-cigarette in the workplace as it can increase the amount of toxins and nicotine in the air. Researchers from the UK however have said that their evidence shows that many of these claims are unfounded and that around 6,000 lives could be saved each year if smokers switched to e-cigarettes. Do you think the WHO's claims are an overreaction? Would you ban e-cigarettes in the workplace?


The UK is to challenge a European Union law in the European Court of Justice which limits the bonuses that bankers can receive. The UK argues that the law makes its banks less competitive and that they will lose business to competitors in Asia and the United States. Do you think there should be a limit to bankers' bonueses?
-to challenge a law


Last week multiple celebrities found out that their private and intimate pictures had been hacked out of a cloud services operated by Apple and were published online. This has lead many to doubt whether the cloud service is safe enough to hold people's data. Do you use cloud storage? Do you think its safe?
-cloud storage

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