Club LTL Discussion Points 30th June - 4th July

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There have been glitches with the new public bicycle system that is being rolled out in Madrid which has caused some frustration amongst users and embarrassment for the city council. What is your opinion on this bike system? What do you think it hopes to achieve?
-to roll out

World Cup

There has been more controversy in Brazil lately after Dutch forward, Arjen Robben, admitted to diving in their last match against Mexico on Sunday. He confessed on Dutch television to diving in the first half, but that the foul he was given in the 94th minute, which saw his team mate convert into Club LTL Discussion Points 30th June - 4th July

a goal, was a foul. The Mexican Football Federation have complained about what they see as 'unfair' refereeing in this World Cup. Do you think diving is a problem in football? Should new technologies be used to help call a foul or punish players after the game?
-call a foul


Facebook has come under fire from its users after it experimented on its users emotional reactions without their permission. The social networking site selected 689,000 users and manipulated their news feeds to either show negative content or positive content and then gauged their emotional reactions. Some have called this an abuse of trust and some are even considering legal action. Does this kind of behaviour from a company like Facebook surprise you? Do you think you might have unwittingly been part of this study?
-to come under fire
-to gauge


On Monday, the ISIS rebels in Iraq and Syria have declared an Islamic state, or caliphate, in the territories they hold, effectively redrawing the borders in the Middle East. Israel has also come out in support of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq and southern Turkey which would further break up Iraq. What are your predictions for the region? Do you think the borders will really change permanently?
-redrawing borders

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