Discussion Points 9th-13th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 9th - 13th June


There have been waves of protests in Brazil over the fast-approaching FIFA World cup as critics say that the money being spent on the event could have been spent improving the lives of citizens. What benefits do you think an event like the World Cup bring to a country?


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have just launched their first ever Twitter and Facebook accounts to “engage more directly with the public” and to make declassified information more accessible. Some have mocked the agency by daring it to 'follow' Angela Merkel, Do you think its appropriate that an agency such as the CIA be on social media?
-first ever


An American soldier who was supposedly captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan was released in a prisoner exchange last week amongst a heated debate between politicians over whether it was the right thing to do. Some have said that negotiating with the enemy was wrong while others have praised Obama for saving an American life. Do you think the prisoner exchange was fair?
-prisoner exchange
-heated debate


A recent poll has just come out saying that most Spaniards would like the opportunity to vote on whether to keep the monarchy. The poll also stated that even though many would like a referendum on the issue, they would most likely vote to keep the monarchy. What is your stance on this?
-a poll

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