Discussion Points. June 2nd to 4th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 2nd June - 6th June


The number of obese and overweight people in the world has just surpassed the 2.1 billion mark, with the USA, China and Russia at the top of the list. The World Health Organisation says that not a single country has managed to tackle this 'epidemic' successfully, and that if it continues to grow at this rate, governments could face serious problems in the future. What do you think these problems are? Do you think Spain has an obesity problem?
-to surpass
-to tackle
-2.1 billion mark


Last week's European Parliament elections rocked the Spanish political landscape, as prominent politicians from the main opposition party (PSOE), including its leader, have agreed to step aside and let new leaders take control, following a severe drop in votes just a year before the general election. Many extremist right-wing parties such as France's Front National and Greece's Golden Dawn have done well in the election. Do these parties concern you? How do you think the Spanish Socialist Party will do in the next elections following this shake-up?
-political landscape


US and European scientists have expressed concern over the widespread and unregulated use of antibiotics in farm animals in the USA. They say that it will eventually bring about antibiotic-resistant bacteria which could pose a serious threat to humans, since our two ecosystems are very much linked. The European Union has much stricter rules on the use of these drugs than the USA. However, those who are pushing for a better bilateral meat-export agreement between the USA and Europe want to reduce these restrictions to increase trade. Are you concerned by the overuse of antibiotics?
-to express concern


On Monday, 2nd of June, King Juan Carlos II abdicated the throne in favour of his son Felipe. Many have commented that his abdication is for the greater good of the Spanish royal family and the country as a whole, due to the King's recent bout of bad health. This has led some political commentators to speculate that some people might even call for a referendum. What effect do you think the King's abdication will have on the country?
-greater good
-bout of bad health

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