Discussion Questions. del 19 al 23 de Mayo.

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Club LTL Discussion Points 19th - 23rd May


The European Court of Justice has ruled that Google must erase all “irrelevant” outdated data upon request. It comes after a Spanish man complained that an auction notice of his repossessed home was available on Google Search. The company has said that the ruling was “disappointing” while privacy groups are hailing it as a step forward in the protection of personal data. Where do you stand on this issue?
-to erase
-to auction
-to repossess
-to stand on an issue


The shooting of Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco, has rocked Spanish society and politics as it is very uncommon for these kinds of crimes to be committed and political parties have come together to condemn the killing. Do you think this will trigger other killings or is it an isolated incident?
-isolated incident


The results of the European Union's first worldwide ranking of universities when it comes to scientific investigation has brought no surprises. At the top, there are 9 American and UK universities, but worryingly, you have to go down to 166th place to find a Spanish institution (Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona). Why do you think this is?


Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposal to introduce a minimum wage of 22 Swiss Francs an hour (18 Euros). The proposal was to help people in lower paid sectors such as farm labourers and cleaning staff make ends meet as living costs in Switzerland are notoriously high. Businesses had criticised the proposal saying that it would cost them a lot of money and reduce make Swiss businesses less competitive abroad. There have been also calls in Spain to reduce the minimum wage, do you think it helps unemployment?
-to make ends meet

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