Discussion Points. May 05th-8th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 5th - 9th May


Brazil has become the first country in the world to release genetically modified mosquitos into the wild to help combat Dengue fever. The male mosquitos carry a gene that makes all of their offspring male which don't carry the disease. Some have criticised this move because of the unknown consequences that genetically modified insects could have on the ecosystem while others have praised it saying thousands of lives will be saved. What is your stance on this?
-to praise


A recent article by El País editor Gabriela Cañas has again raised the issue of the Spanish work schedule. She highlights that even though there is a growing consensus that the early starts, long lunches and late finishes need to be scaled back in the Spanish workplace, little is being done to actually put this idea into action. The government has stepped in to try and force television channels to change the timing of their programming and they have encouraged the football league to play games earlier but these entities say that they will not change until people's attitudes change. Do you think it is up to the people to change first?
-raise the issue


Because of a change to the legal system in Spain, a number of drug traffickers and other serious criminals arrested in international waters by Spain cannot be tried by Spanish judges because they were not caught on Spanish territory. Before last month, judges in Spain had international jurisdiction and were able to prosecute criminals for such crimes, but a change in the juristiction of the courts means that these men now walk free. Some have argued that it was a political move to stop investigations into international money laundering and dodgy business deals while the government maintains that it the new laws are designed to help free up the Spanish legal system. Who do you believe?
-international juristiction
-to prosecute
-money laundering
-to free up


This weekend saw some football interesting results as both Barcelona and Real Madrid both drew and Atlético de Madrid lost, leaving all three teams within reach of the league title, even though most people are betting that Atlético will win, what do you think?
-to draw, to tie
-within reach

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