Discussion Points. April 28th-30th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 28th April - 2nd May


A recent report has come out stating that nearly a third of Europeans cannot afford healthy food. Concerned nutritionists say that Europeans’ health is at risk as they turn to ready-meals which are high in salt and saturated fats, and that the cost of this change in eating habits could be catastrophic in the future. Have your eating habits changed recently? Do you like ready-meals?
-to turn to


The B612 Foundation, a US-based group which campaigns on the issue of outer space protection, has released a video to try to press home the idea that “space impacts” are more common than we think. They said that only 1 of the 26 major impacts was seen in advance, and that it’s sheer luck that none hit populated areas. What threat do you see from asteroid strikes?
-to press home the idea
-sheer luck


Tensions continue to escalate in the Ukraine, with pro-Russian militants taking international observers hostage, reports of Russian planes entering Ukrainian airspace, and military exercises just 1 kilometer from the border. Do you think this is a preamble to an invasion of the Ukraine by Russia?
-escalate tensions


Manchester United manager Chris Moyes has been sacked just 10 months into his 6 year contract after a disappointing 7th place finish. Many have criticised his managing style as 'weak', explaining that the players didn't trust their manager and thus wouldn't play for him. Others have said that Ferguson, the previous manager, left a weak and debilitated team when he departed. Do you think it is fair that Moyes has been sacked so soon?
-to sack

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