Discussion Points. April 7th-11th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 7th - 11th April


The UK is moving forward with plans to completely remove branding from cigarettes and only have a warning on the packets. It would be the first country in Europe to do so, following the example of Australia. Do you think this is an effective way of stopping young people from taking up the habit?
-to take up


The European Parliament has overwhelmingly voted to force mobile phone operators to stop charging customers roaming fees when they use their mobile phone in other EU countries. The EU commissioner for the Data Agenda said, "customers are fed up with being ripped off". The legislation will take effect in December. Do you think this is a deserved victory for the consumer, or will it harm the telecom companies?
-fed up
-ripped off


Controversy is surrounding the president of the PP in Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, as she is accused of leaving the scene of a crime and running over a traffic police motorcycle while the officers fined her for stopping illegally in the bus lane on Gran Via. However, the two accounts of the story contradict each other. Some have argued that this incident is showing the true colours of the president of the PP in Madrid, and it is also highlighting the high price of committing a traffic offence in Madrid. Do you think the traffic police have acted correctly? Do you think Aguirre will face punishment for her actions? Who do you believe in this story?
-to highlight
-to run over
-true colours


The United States has confirmed its involvement in running a controversial programme to help undermine the Cuban government by using a Twitter-like service called “Sunsuneo”. The CIA has admitted that it started the site to try to foment political activism amongst the Cuban population and that it has collected the data of thousands of users. The programme no longer receives funding from the American government, but many say the damage is already done. Does this surprise you? Is it just another chapter in the American obsession with overthrowing the Cuban regime?
-the damage is done

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