Discussion points. March 31st- April 2nd

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Club LTL Discussion Points 31st March - 4th April


Scientists have created the first synthetic chromosome for yeast. The original, natural chromosome was extracted and replaced by a man-made chromosome, developed in the laboratory. Scientists say that this opens the door to two important things: the creation of organisms that can be used to create biofuels, and the manufacturing of vaccines. What is your opinion about this? Are we going too far by literally 'creating' life to suit our needs?


Under new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the Italian government has decided to auction off 151 state-owned vehicles. The Prime Minister says that there were too many vehicles that weren't being used enough to justify their costs. He even tweeted “Why should a sub-secretary have an official car? The under secretary should go by foot”. Do you agree with this kind of cost-saving measure? Or do you think it is too little too late?
-to auction off


A recent census by the European Union agency Eurofund has revealed that across the 28 EU states, 48% of 18-35 year olds still live at home with their parents. They say that this statistic is concerning because households with young adults living with their parents are more likely to suffer from 'deprivation', low life satisfaction, and perceived social exclusion. The study also mentions that this is the first time that young adults, who are better educated than their parents, have significantly fewer job prospects. Why do young adults live with their parents? How long do you think this will go on for?


Turkey has recently banned Twitter and YouTube in an attempt to stop people from sharing videos implicating the prime minister's son in a corruption scandal. The move to ban these websites has drawn criticism from the West. Plus, the ban hasn't even stopped the videos being from being shared. Do you think this kind of measure shows how afraid governments are of the power of social media? What should the relationship be between government and social media?

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